Answer #1

1. If you have identified one of the following six media companies as the most powerful, you did well. If you were able to list some of the media properties that the company owns, you did very well. Here are the top six most powerful media companies along with a list of some of the media properties each owns:

Bertlesmann ($16.3 billion in annual revenue)

¨    Books: World’s largest publisher of books; sells over a million books a day in the United States alone through Random House, Knopf, Doubleday, and other publishing houses; owns book clubs across Europe, North America, and South America, including Book-of-the-Month Club and Literary Guild

¨    Recordings: BMG (Bertlesmann Music Group) operates in 54 countries; has 200 labels in the United States

¨    Broadcasting: Owns the most radio and television stations in Europe

Comcast ($31 billion in annual revenue)

¨    Cable: U.S.A.’s leading cable television operator; serves 24.6 million cable customers, including 16.3 million digital cable customers. Also owns 40 cable TV stations, including MSNBC, CNBC, Bravo, USA Network, and SyFy

¨    New media: High-speed Internet access; serves 14.4 million high-speed Internet customers and 5.6 million voice customers

¨    Television: NBC television network and 10 broadcast stations in major markets

¨    Telemundo: 16 Spanish-speaking broadcast stations in major markets

¨    Film: Universal Studios

¨    Internet: Hulu, Fandango, and others

¨    Sports: Philadelphia 76s (basketball) and Philadelphia Flyers (hockey)

¨    Other: Universal Theme Parks and Resorts

News Corporation ($33 billion in annual revenue)

¨    Broadcast television: Fox network; 27 stations in the United States plus many broadcast stations around the world

¨    Film: 20th Century Fox, Fox 2000, Fox Studios, Fox Searchlight, Fox Animation Studios Studio

¨    Radio: Fox Sports Radio Network

¨    Cable: FX network, Fox Sports Net, Fox News Channel, Golf Channel, National Geographic

¨    Magazine: Several dozen magazines mostly published in Australia

¨    Newspapers: 175 newspapers internationally, including the Wall Street Journal and New York Post

¨    Books: HarperCollins, William Morris Books, Avon Books, Regan Books

¨    Internet: Owns, AskMen,, and other sites

¨    New media: DirectTV, Sky Network TV

¨    Sports: Part owner of Colorado Rockies (baseball); part owner of Staples Center

Sony ($79 billion in annual revenue)

¨    Television: Columbia TriStar Television; HBO, Cinemax

¨    Film: Sony Pictures Entertainment, Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group, Columbia TriStar Home Video, Columbia TriStar Television Group (Spiderman, Men in Black)

¨    Recordings: Owns more than 50 recording labels, including Sony Music Entertainment, CBS Records, Columbia Records, Epic, Legacy, Tri-Star Music, and RCA Records

¨    New media: Sony PlayStation video games

¨    Other: Sony Electronics, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications

The Walt Disney Company ($37.8 billion in annual revenue)

¨    Film: Walt Disney Studios; Touchstone Films, Miramax Films, Hollywood Pictures, Buena Vista Filmed Entertainment, Walt Disney Feature Animation, Buena Vista International, Pixar, and a partnership with DreamWorks

¨    Broadcast television: 10 TV stations; ABC Television Network

¨    Cable: ESPN, Fox Family, Toon Disney, and Disney Channel; also holdings in Lifetime, A&E, History Channel, and Biography

¨    Radio: 59 radio stations; ABC Radio Network

¨    Magazines: Discover, Los Angeles Magazine

¨    Books: Hyperion books, ESPN Books, Disney Publishing Worldwide

¨    Recordings: Walt Disney Records, Buena Vista Records, Hollywood Records, Mammoth Records, Lyric Street Records, Wonderland Music Company

¨    Sports: Anaheim Angels (baseball); Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (hockey)

¨    Other: 11 theme parks; Marvel Comics (5,000 characters, including Spiderman, X-Men, Iron Man, Hulk, and Fantastic Four); consumer products; The Disney Store; cruise line, petroleum and natural gas production interests

Time Warner ($47 billion in annual revenue)

¨    Broadcast television: CW network; Kids’ WB!

¨    Cable: Time Warner Cable (11 million subscribers); pay cable channels (HBO and Cinemax); 9 local news cable channels; Turner Broadcasting System (CNN, Headline News, TBS, TNT, Turner Classic Movies, The Cartoon Network)

¨    Film: TV production and film production (Warner Brothers Pictures, New Line Cinema, Fine Line Features, New Line International, New Line Television, Castle Rock Entertainment, and Telepictures Productions); library of more than 6,000 films, 25,000 TV programs, and thousands of animated shows (such as Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera); Warner Brothers International Cinemas (123 screens in the United States and 650 screens in other countries)

¨    Recordings: Warner Brothers Music Group, Atlantic, Elektra, and numerous smaller labels

¨    Magazines: Largest publisher of magazines in the United States, with over 140 magazines reaching more than 300 million people worldwide, including Time, Life, People, Fortune, Money, Mad magazine, Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, In Style, Sunset, Parenting, Southern Living, and Teen People

¨    Internet: America Online (30 million subscribers); CompuServe; McAfee Virus Scan, Mapquest, Netscape, Winamp

¨    Newspapers: 7 dailies

¨    Books: Little, Brown; Book of the Month Club; DC Comics (Superman, Batman, Mad magazine, and 60 other titles)

¨    New media: AOL, with its 20 million Internet subscribers

¨    Sports: Atlanta Braves (baseball), Atlanta Hawks (basketball), Atlanta Thrashers (hockey)

¨    Other: Warner Brothers Studio Stores (more than 150 worldwide); MovieFone

Viacom ($14.6 billion in annual revenue)

¨    Broadcast television: CBS and UPN television networks; Paramount Television Studio (JAG, Entertainment Tonight), Spelling Television, and King World Productions (Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune); Viacom Stations Group (39 TV stations)

¨    Cable: Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, TV Land, TNN (now Spike TV), CMT (Country Music Television), Showtime, BET (Black Entertainment Television)

¨    Radio: Infinity Broadcasting chain of 183 radio stations; CBS radio network; Westwood One; Metro Networks

¨    Books: Simon & Schuster, Scribner, Pocket Books, Anne Schwartz Books, Archway Paperbacks, Lisa Drew Books, Fireside, Free Press, MTV Books, Nickelodeon Books, Pocket Books, Star Trek Books, Washington Square Press

¨    Film production: Paramount Pictures (including a library of more than 2,500 titles), Nickelodeon Movies, MTV Films, Nickelodeon Studios, United International Pictures (33%), Spelling Films, Republic Entertainment, Worldvision Enterprises

¨    Film theaters: Paramount Theaters, Famous Players Theaters (1,700 screens in 13 countries), United Cinemas International

¨    Recordings: Famous Music (copyright holders of more than 100,000 songs)

¨    New media: MTV Networks On Line and,,,, and

¨    Other: Blockbuster Video; five amusement parks; TDI Worldwide and Outdoor Systems, which sell ad space on 210,000 billboards nationwide; Star Trek franchise

¨    In 2006, the old Viacom spun off CBS television into its own company; CBS Corporation was given Viacom’s “slow-growth businesses”—namely, CBS, CBS Radio, Simon & Schuster, CBS Outdoor, Showtime, CBS Records, CBS Television Studios, and most television production assets. The new Viacom kept the high-growth businesses (MTV Networks and BET Networks in particular) so it could generate sufficient revenue to allow for future acquisitions and expansion.